Bylaws of the Rochester, New York, Local Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America [Dropbox]

Harassment Grievance Policy

ROC DSA is committed to creating a space that is welcoming and inclusive to members of all genders, races, and classes. A harassment grievance policy provides guidelines to ensure that everyone is able to organize without fear of harassment, abuse, or harm. See the policy in the chapter bylaws, Amendment II.

If you believe a ROC DSA member is engaging in any of the prohibited behaviors listed under Section 1 of ROC DSA’s Harassment Grievance Policy, you may file a complaint using the Harassment Grievance Form. You may also contact ROC DSA’s Harassment Grievance Officers with questions at

ROC DSA Campaign Endorsements

ROC DSA members who wish to propose a chapter organizing campaign should follow the Campaign Endorsement process detailed on the first page of this document and return the Campaign Endorsement form to no less than 30 days before a general meeting.

General Meeting Minutes

2022 Meeting Minutes [Dropbox]


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Working Group Updates

Visit the Submit WG Update page to update ROC DSA’s Steering Committee on your working group’s project(s).