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Campaigns, Committees, and Solidarity Groups



ROC DSA has endorsed the following campaigns:

Electoral Working Group

The Electoral Working Group is Rochester DSA’s electoral arm. We work to elect socialist candidates to local offices and build a permanent socialist political bloc at the city and county levels. We also hold our endorsed candidates accountable to socialist principles and ensure they function as a united team. If this year’s slate of socialist candidates wins their elections, we stand to win a majority on Rochester City Council and Brighton Town Board. If you are interested in helping with this, fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch.

Rochester for Energy Democracy Campaign

ROC DSA endorsed Metro Justice’s Rochester for Energy Democracy campaign to take over RG&E and turn it into a public utility. RG&E currently makes $108 million in yearly profits despite providing unreliable services, including inaccurate billing, unjust shut-offs, and unresponsive customer support. Forty-four percent of Black and Latino households in Rochester are energy burdened. With a public utility, we will produce energy to meet our needs rather than for profit. We will invest in the community, take democratic control of our resources, and ensure an equitable and immediate transition to clean energy. Rochester DSA calls for an energy provider that is accountable to ratepayers, not shareholders.

Socialist Feminist Collective

Our socialist feminist collective is working on raising awareness of the dangers of crisis pregnancy centers. For more information, email

No Business Improvement District (BID) Working Group

The No BID Working Group is running a campaign to block the City of Rochester’s attempt to establish a Business Improvement District downtown, which would use our tax dollars to further increase the power of local wealthy property owners and contribute to further gentrification. We are fighting to keep Rochester for the people who live, work, and visit here. Sign up to join us!


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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is an elected body which provides political leadership and oversees the transaction of ROC DSA’s day-to-day business.

Internal Organizing Committee

The Internal Organizing Committee is comprised of two teams devoted to inreach and building up our members:

Member Engagement

The Member Engagement team is a closed subcommittee of the Internal Organizing Committee, which is responsible for some internal communications, activating and developing members towards political engagement, and supporting social engagement.

Political Education

The Political Education team is an open subcommittee of the Internal Organizing Committee, which is responsible for developing and running political education programs such as Socialist Sunday School, and local debates over resolutions before the National Convention.

External Organizing Committee

The External Organizing Committee is responsible for regular communication with external campaigns and coalitions in which ROC DSA is a member.

Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee, which formed in response to USA’s ending pandemic emergency, is responsible for developing guidelines and best practices for accessibility in ROC DSA, as well as literature and educational materials.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for the maintenance of our website, blog, and social media presence.

Punching Out Committee

Punching Out is our weekly radio show on Wednesdays at noon on WAYO. This committee is responsible for planning and production.

Do you have questions about ROC DSA committees? Contact

Solidarity Groups

Health Justice Solidarity Group

The Health Justice Solidarity Group is a group of comrades working on Narcan and food distribution.

Housing Justice

The Housing Justice Solidarity Group is dedicated to strengthening working-class power by providing tenants with the resources, skills, and abilities required to organize their buildings against landlords. If you have questions about organizing your building or would like to help others organize their buildings, join our Monday 8 pm meetings by contacting us.

Labor Solidarity Group

The Labor Solidarity Group is a group of comrades working on union support, agitation, and education.

Queer Solidarity Group

The Queer Solidarity Group is a group of queer comrades (allies welcome) working on expanding queer socialism in Rochester.