The Rochester Police Accountability Board’s Union Drive so Far: A Masterclass in Union Busting

PAB workers hold a banner at a press conference.

In the past few years, the push for civilian oversight of law enforcement has expanded nationwide. Body cam technology and police reform are increasingly being written into law, and social movements like Black Lives Matter have generated incredible energy. Along with it, however, new ways of obstructing the work of holding law enforcement agencies accountable have and continue to emerge.

Never Again For Anyone: Comments from the Rally for Palestine at Batavia City Hall

Never Again For Anyone: Comments from the Rally for Palestine at Batavia City Hall

So much of the discussion surrounding the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza is designed to derail conversation about atrocities being committed against Palestinians or prevent one from being sympathetic to those in Gaza. One of the rhetorical devices that has been frequently employed in the propaganda and conversation surrounding Palestine is the thought-terminating cliché.

Speak to Council: Pass a Ceasefire Resolution!

Rochester Flower with Palestinian flag colors over Rochester Skyline. Title: Speak to Council: Pass a Ceasefire Resolution

I’m calling on you to join over a dozen cities, including Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco, and right here in New York, Albany—in passing a resolution calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. You have the power to signal to President Biden, to Governor Hochul, and to Netanyahu himself, that Rochester doesn’t support this genocide. That the state of New York doesn’t support this genocide. That the American people don’t support this genocide.

Not Another Nickel, Not Another Dime: Why We March for Palestine

Protestors walk past Parcel 5 and "I heart ROC" sign holding Palestinian flags and signs.

On Saturday, Rochester DSA and allies continued to mobilize against the ongoing genocide of Palestinians and their unjust occupation. Over 200 people gathered to march through the streets to #ShutItDown4Palestine. As the extent of Israel’s horrific destruction of Gaza becomes increasingly clear, our rallies have only grown, and the momentum continues.

Community Members Call on Monroe County Legislature President Sabrina Lamar and County Executive Adam Bello to Call for a Ceasefire in Gaza

Palestine Flag with "Free Palestine, End Apartheid" Title: Press Release - Roc Committee to End Apartheid & Free the People Roc December 14, 2023

Our decision to address the County Legislature is directly connected to County Executive Adam Bello’s complete silence on the slaughter of nearly 20,000 Palestinian people, and his decision to fly an Israeli flag outside of the County building, while the Israeli government commits a genocide against the Palestinian people. Our demonstration was successful, raising the voices of our local Palestinian community, and joining the international call for ceasefire to protect all human life.

We Are the Revolution: The National March on Washington to Free Palestine

Picture of Marchers assembled at Freedom Plaza. Title: We are the Revolution: The National March on Washington to Free Palestine. By Gregory Lebens-Higgins

On Saturday November 4, 2023, tens of thousands of people (estimates are as high as 300,000) converged on the nation’s capital in the largest pro-Palestine march in U.S. history. The National March on Washington to Free Palestine was organized by a coalition of anti-war and pro-Palestinian groups and endorsed by hundreds of organizations, including DSA.