Rochester skyline in Red, Red Rochester DSA logo. Title: Chapter Statement: Letter of Resignation from the Police Accountability Board Alliance

Chapter Statement: Letter of Resignation from the Police Accountability Board Alliance

On January 25, 2024 the Steering Committee of ROC DSA voted unanimously to withdraw as a member organization from the Police Accountability Board Alliance (PABA). The following statement was sent to the PABA to announce this decision, and is now published here to communicate our reasoning to membership and the community, and to encourage reflection and growth.

Rochester Democratic Socialists of America (ROC DSA) has stood in solidarity with the broader Rochester community in the fight for the Police Accountability Board (PAB) from the beginning. Our chapter campaigned, knocked doors, and spread the word when the creation of the PAB was on the ballot. We have been a member organization of the Police Accountability Board Alliance (PABA) from its creation. ROC DSA believes in the PAB and the importance of the work it strives to do in this city.

Despite the critical role of the PAB and the need for independent police oversight in Rochester, ROC DSA has made the decision to resign as a member agency of the PABA. This decision was not made lightly. Over the last several years, the PABA has become a challenging and, at times, deeply toxic environment. Our organization’s departure is far from the first and, unfortunately, it will almost certainly not be the last. We urge the leadership and remaining members of the PABA to take a critical look at the state of the alliance and find the lessons that must be learned. This city needs the PAB, and the PAB needs a functional PABA.

While we will no longer participate in the PABA, ROC DSA remains a staunch supporter and ally to both the PAB and the unionization efforts of the PAB staff. It is our hope that the PABA leadership can course correct and truly become the alliance that this community deserves.

Rochester Chapter
Democratic Socialists of America

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