Cover image for Rochester Red Star, May 2024 Issue. Logo: Rochester Red Star (Black text with Red Star). ROC DSA logo, with "Democratic Socialists of America Rochester NY." Artwork: stamped flowers; Red rose and yellow sunflower. With textured leaves on either side. Purple flowers at bottom with moss. Flower borders on left and right, green ribbon border top and bottom.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of ROC DSA’s monthly newsletter, Rochester Red Star. I hope this project will help to accomplish goals I announced while running for Steering Committee: Expanding our capacity for political education to develop class consciousness; improving our organizing capabilities and community structures to establish foundations for the future; and building transparency and communication between Steering Committee and membership.

May this be one step along the path to carving out a left media sphere that will form the intellectual basis for a vibrant socialist politics in our region. I encourage you to get involved by submitting articles, photos, event write-ups, and feedback. Together, a better world is possible.

Socialism in Perspective: DSA Co-Chairs Host a Fireside Chat

Socialism in Perspective: DSA Co-Chairs Host a Fireside Chat. Red border with fire in background; chat bubble says "A better world is possible!"

On Wednesday, February 7, National Political Committee Co-Chairs Ashik Siddique and Megan Romer held an address to hundreds of DSA members tuning in from across the country. Broadcast over Zoom, the event was termed a ‘Fireside Chat’ in a 21st century ode to Roosevelt’s famous radio communications to the public. Like the tone of Roosevelt’s communications, the Co-Chairs demonstrated resolve, reassuring membership in a period of financial uncertainty and uneven transformation.

Business Improvement Districts in Theory and Practice: Comments from Socialist Sunday School #53.

Drawing of city buildings on light tan background. Title: Business Improvement Districts in Theory and Practice: Comments from Socialist Sunday School #53

BIDs remove democratic power from the hands of working-class residents and place these areas under private control of local property owners. Even BID members are not immune. Instead of one person one vote, property owners have weightier votes with the more properties they own, leading to the voices of small businesses being drowned out by large property owning corporations.

Speak to Council: Pass a Ceasefire Resolution!

Rochester Flower with Palestinian flag colors over Rochester Skyline. Title: Speak to Council: Pass a Ceasefire Resolution

I’m calling on you to join over a dozen cities, including Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco, and right here in New York, Albany—in passing a resolution calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. You have the power to signal to President Biden, to Governor Hochul, and to Netanyahu himself, that Rochester doesn’t support this genocide. That the state of New York doesn’t support this genocide. That the American people don’t support this genocide.

Not Another Nickel, Not Another Dime: Why We March for Palestine

Protestors walk past Parcel 5 and "I heart ROC" sign holding Palestinian flags and signs.

On Saturday, Rochester DSA and allies continued to mobilize against the ongoing genocide of Palestinians and their unjust occupation. Over 200 people gathered to march through the streets to #ShutItDown4Palestine. As the extent of Israel’s horrific destruction of Gaza becomes increasingly clear, our rallies have only grown, and the momentum continues.