Building Playgrounds for the Rich and Jails for the Poor

Image: Dollar signs falling out of the sky; overlayed with prison bars. Text: Building Playgrounds for the Rich & Jails for the Poor

Who says that government can’t give us nice things? Just this week, Monroe County approved $4.3 million in tax exemptions for the latest sports fad, Topgolf, to come to CityGate. While its proponents tout jobs, tourism, and reinvestment in the local economy, without a doubt there exist more beneficial means of achieving these goals. This is just the latest insult by a political class demonstrating who they work for—not the working class, but the idle rich.

Solidarity Is Our Greatest Weapon: On Recent ROC DSA Victories

Image: Raised fists. Text: Solidarity is our greatest weapon: On Recent ROC DSA victories

Something powerful happened in the city council chambers when our members and supporters approached that microphone, and that’s that we united our struggles. When we spoke about the BID, we also demanded City Council sign the ceasefire resolution. When we spoke about the ceasefire resolution, we demanded City Council stop the BID. And when we talked about either, we demanded City Council launch a vacancy study that’s necessary to implement rent control. It is solidarity that won those two victories. It is solidarity that shows the working class that our struggles are united. It is solidarity that is our greatest weapon against the owner class. Solidarity Forever!

BID Battle: Community Prevails Over Big Developers

Mural Above: "The Gentrifiers" Mayor Malik Evans, NY Senator Jeremy Cooney, Andy Gallina, Ken Glazer, Galin Brooks, Patrick Dutton, Chris Hill

The suspension of the BID formation process is a direct result of sustained resistance. A diverse coalition of residents, small businesses, community organizations, and artists united under the name of BID Education Committee to oppose RDDC’s agenda. Over the past two years, these organizers tirelessly engaged with the community, raising awareness about the anti-democratic nature of BIDs and the potential adverse impacts on equity. …

Rochester Prevails Against the Unjust BID

Image: Paintbrushes and paint tubes over a canvas background. Text: Rochester Prevails Against the Unjust BID. Logos: ROC DSA and No BID Roc

While Rochesterians have won the battle by stopping the BID, the war against privatization, gentrification, and over-policing is far from over. Rochester should not be run by wealthy property owners and they certainly haven’t given up on their goal of control of downtown. ROC DSA is committed to continuing this fight and we urge you to join us.

Business Improvement Districts in Theory and Practice: Comments from Socialist Sunday School #53.

Drawing of city buildings on light tan background. Title: Business Improvement Districts in Theory and Practice: Comments from Socialist Sunday School #53

BIDs remove democratic power from the hands of working-class residents and place these areas under private control of local property owners. Even BID members are not immune. Instead of one person one vote, property owners have weightier votes with the more properties they own, leading to the voices of small businesses being drowned out by large property owning corporations.